There is always a picture to make

I live in Singapore and Singapore is probably one of the smallest country on this planet. Many times, I hear people say that this is such a small country and it takes only a short while to travel from one end of Singapore to the next. Technically that is true. However, if I were to ask “Have you been to every corner of Singapore?”, I am confident to say that there will be more no than yes.

Small it may be but like any other place on earth, Singapore is always changing. There is always something new to see and something old that we miss seeing when we were younger (and they may still be there today). As a photographer, our role is to create visual memories of the places we been to. No matter how small a place, if you carry a camera with you (even a smartphone), there will always be somethibng interesting to capture.

I have been to Marina Bay Sand more than once and even though i know the place quite well, i managed to capture a set of images that I have never capture before in the past. Inspiration to see things diferently and the creative create a diffeent image will make you find newer images to create.

This set of 10 images were created with the Olympus Pen-F and both the 17mm and 25mm m.Zuiko lenses. They are just so amazing in terms of the images they are able to produce and simply a joy to bring everywhere you go. I encourage you to pick up your camera and create as many images as they inspire you. The more you shoot, the more you enjoy, the better your photograhy skills will be.