The things we see can always be interpreted differently. It can be interesting too. Take this picture for example, can you guess what it is?

This was actually taken when I was taking break from the afternoon walk with the Olympus Pen-F. I was standing near the riverside and when I look down through the viewfinder of the camera, I saw this view. The dividing line separates the river water from the cement pavement. A black and white shot takes away the distraction of color and gives your mind better room to look at abstract things differently.

By looking at abstract things, we look away from the logic and reality of the world we face day in and day out. Abstract visual experience gives us personal space to distract ourselves and find personal space within. Its quite an experience and that is why I love abstract stuff as compared to typical true-life documentary of visual memories.

Having explored different genre of photography and architecture remains my favorite though i hardly have to time to do much. Abstract genre might be the other area that I will explore in the near future. Its more spontaneous and random. All I need is a camera beside me all the time. Stay tune if you like what you see and maybe, very likely,  I will start an abstract gallery soon enough.