Olympus Pen-F the clear winner

The Olympus Pen-F is probably the best Pen series Olympus has ever designed. Aesthetically it looks like a rangefinder and it weighs like one the moment you attached the hand grip to it. Its hard to explain but the very first time I held it in my hands it just feel right. Its not too big either and carrying it around has a feel good experience. Olympus designed 2 versions – a silver and black and a full-black version. I chose the black version because it just fits my person taste for color more and I do not have to worry about getting scratch marks on the silvery part of the body – though it might make the Pen-F looks even more rugged.

Beyond have a look good and feel good experience on a camera design, the more important aspect of a good camera is how it operates in the hands of a photographer and how good or bad the pictures quality are. Firstly, the camera is rich in features. A simple camera like this is more than enough to shoot almost any genre of pictures. In fact, a lot depends on the photographer to control the camera and the scene that forms the intended picture. The Olympus Pen-F just make things simpler.

  • Auto focus is fast and accurate.
  • Electronic viewfinder (EVF) is fast enough for most type of usage.
  • ISO noise control is wonderfully managed for anything below ISO2000 (for me, I hardly go beyond ISO2000, regardless of the make of camera).
  • Black and white filter is awesome and the out of camera (OOC) jpeg file is good enough for immediate use.
  • 20 megapixel resolution is good enough for print in most instances. Beyond that, I use Enlarge Pro for upsizing.
  • Built in features like keystone correction is good for architecture photography when paired with a wide angle lens.
  • One good thing I experience with the Olympus Pen-F and OM-D series is the fast workflow with the images produced. Very little editing is needed.
  • I like having the exposure compensation button on the camera – somehow, it makes it easier for me to make adjustment while the eye focus on framing the picture.
  • The only issue I have with this camera is the lack of weather seal. I believe most people use this outdoor and as a street photography camera. Weather can be unpredictable and sometimes rain makes good picture.

So far, I have tested the Olympus Pen-F when overseas and in Singapore. I have used it to shoot on the street and  also for simple product shoot. Like many, I am impressed with this camera and would love to add one more to the collection so that I can mount 2 different lens on 2 bodies. After all, it is so much lighter and a small bag is enough to put everything inside. Even the tripod is so much lighter with this

Well done Olympus!