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Singapore Botanic Gardens

Lego building blocks have been around since I was a kid and it has been one of those toys that will only let you do whatever you want and as far as your imagination takes you. Over the years, Lego has innovated and make their building blocks become more realistic to the world around us. Today, you will be able to build almost anything that resembles the real life objects around you – landscape, architecture, machines, etc. The structure of Lego blocks are no longer rectangular or squarish but come in different shapes and angles and even finishing to resemble objects such as glass or cylindrical pipes. I believe Lego will continue to evolve as a business that focuses on being the creative toys for children and young adults and serve as a education learning tool for many.

Yesterday, I dropped by Fort Canning Arts Centre to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Exhibition – Piece of Peace World Tour (started on 27 Jul and ending on 3rd Sep 2017). The exhibit covers about 43 world heritage sites around the world. It is definitely a exhibit that is worth the fees of SGD 17.00 given that every piece is a masterpiece. You will be amazed by the amount of intrinsic details that are put together by the modelers.

Personally, I was thrilled to see even the Singapore Botanic Gardens as one of the sites listed given her recent UNESCO status. Though it is not the whole Botanic Gardens but the famous Bandstand as an iconic landmark of this place. The details paid to the pavilion, the trees, leaves and its surrounding is commendable. Other sites such as the Acropolis of Athens is another wonderful masterpiece. The use of different Lego blocks to reconstruct the ruins of temples can only be said of “awesome”. Even more incredible is the reconstructed site of Works of Antoni Gaudí, Spain (Basilica of Sagrada Familia). Just look at the amount of reconstruction works on each details of this incredible big project. I was amazed at the fine details the modeler actually put inside. You can even see the figures of saints and angels that were put in place to replicate the Nativity Facade. Incredibly amazing is the word.

Acropolis, Athens, Greece
Works of Antoni Gaudí, Spain (Basilica of Sagrada Familia)

If you pay attentions to the details of each and every reconstructed site, this 43 exhibits will take you quite a while. I reached about 2pm and finished about 5pm – a good 3 hours and it was already a very rush scan through given that if i have more time, I would spend more time to examine more details.

I am still post-processing the pictures and will create a separate gallery on this site for this visit. If you have the time and are in Singapore, do visit this exhibition. Its worth the money.

Can you identify this piece of work?