Food for Thought While in Penang

When it comes to Penang, food is among the things that will come to mind. This island has a sizeable Chinese population and it is no surprise that Chinese food items are popular choices among the local and tourists who come here frequently. In addition to fellow Malaysians of other cities, Singaporeans are often found coming to Penang to enjoy themselves. Penang generally has a slower pace of life and that makes it a popular destination for folks who are coming here to rest and relax. When we say rest and relax, we technically mean look around, eat and drink and maybe idle by the beach. Penang definitely has every that of these.

This post, however, is not about sight seeing nor museums. It is simply about food and this is an ongoing post about food. I will start with a few of the local food that is famous even till today. In fact, dishes that I am going to write about in later paragraphs have stood the test of time and by that, I mean decades after decades. There will be updates on this post from time to time as there are simply so much to eat and choose from that it is impossible to finish writing in one single update. Anyway, here comes the food dishes.

This is the well known Char Kway Teow or Fried Kway Teow stall at Jalan Selamat. The traffic flow is pretty good as there will always people seating down the moment a table is vacated. The fried kway teow is definitely tasty enough to order a 2nd helping. Thing is the serving portion is not very big but it is definitely delicious. The dish is served in good distribution of prawns, fried eggs, cockles, Chinese sausages and bean sprouts. They have both the spicy and non-spicy version. I prefer the spicy one because it adds a stronger taste to the dish. The other reason is simply because of the love for spicy stuff and any dish without a spicy ingredient is rather incomplete (at least to me).

The same eating place that sells Fried Kway Teow will also have other item such as Ice Kachang with Ice Cream topping. Unlike Singapore version which is more colorful and much bigger (with more shave ice), this stall serves it with ice cream. It has a carnation smell due to the syrup and condensed milk as part of its ingredients. Hidden under the ice is portion of red beans and sweet corn. Its a good dessert item to go with when you finish your Fried Kway Teow and especially tasty when the weather is hot.


Penang Laksa is other dish that makes Penang famous. Not sure if I am right, but Penang Laksa is probably a dish that resonates with Penang. The dish is famous for its sour tasty broth that goes with the smooth textured noodle (bee hoon is the correct term). This particular stall which is named Laksalicious is one of the latest and modern Penang Laksa eatery that has popped up Penang. The owner shared that she is the previous owner of a cafe at Campbell Street and her love for good quality Penang food has brought her next investment in to Laksalicious. I encouraged  you to explore others though this one is not bad in terms of taste and quality. The fun part of visiting Penang is like going on a food exploratory experience to try different stalls selling the same dish and determine which is the best one to recommend to others.


Now there is this Fatty Curry Noodle that was recommended when I was looking at the map of Penang. Obviously paid advertisement but people have been saying that it is good. It has shifted from its old location and now at 23 Lebuh Kimberly. You will not miss it as the famous signboard found on the cart is still there at the entrance of the stall. Its curry noodle with a selection of ingredients like squid, frozen pig blood, bean sprout, bean curd, chicken, pork and so forth. You choose what you want and it gets included in your bowl of curry noodle.

Personally, I have tasted better curry noodles and what Fatty has to offered did not really appealed to me. I would prefer the Asam Laksa anytime. But do not get me wrong. There is nothing not nice about Fatty’s Curry Noodle. The crowd is still there at any time and I am sure they come because they love what they have tasted. I am more of a photographer and the pictures mean more to me than anything else. So if you happen to be going to Armenian street for the street arts, you can pop by Lebuh Kimberly first for some curry to give you the energy for the long walk of the day.

I will update this post further when I visit Penang again for more food. Since Penang is so near to Singapore, it makes visiting Penang from time to time a pleasant affair. Its really a place for an idle weekend and breakaway from the busy and crowded lifestyle of Singapore.